The team at Cumberland Group is proud to announce its sponsorship of PowerMyLearning Atlanta’s 12th annual Inspire fundraising event, taking place Sep. 7 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Since 2007, PowerMyLearning in Greater Atlanta has partnered with more than 40 schools to deliver digital training and home computers to students in the community, serving more than 23,000 children, families, and teachers. Inspire is the premier annual fundraising event for PowerMyLearning.

The 2019 fundraising goal of $250,000 has already been achieved, thanks to Cumberland Group and several other locally headquartered companies, mostly in the technology sector. PowerMyLearning is now working toward its stretch goal of $300,000 by the evening of the event.

“What our sponsors have collectively accomplished on behalf of our community humbles our team and strengthens our resolve. We are confident in our mission and our purpose,” said PowerMyLearning Atlanta Executive Director Richard Hicks. “Inspire 2019 is set to be our best event yet, and we can’t wait to share our stories of triumph and achievement to this community of technologists and philanthropists. We are so grateful for all of the support.”

The funds raised at Inspire and through other PowerMyLearning initiatives throughout the year are used to strengthen the home to school connection by providing educational workshops, home computers and technical support to families who might not otherwise have access to technology. Families receive fully equipped laptops and training on digital tools that inspire success beyond the classroom.

PowerMyLearning aims to continue its mission of helping students in low-income communities, together with their teachers and families, harness the power of digital learning to improve educational outcomes and inspire a passion for STEM. Cumberland Group is proud to support this mission.

For more information on PowerMyLearning contact Oneisha Freeman, Senior Program Manager at PowerMyLearning Greater Atlanta by emailing or by calling (404) 367-9990 Ext. 504.